Construction Pods

 EPS Foam manufacture quality expanded polystyrene Pods for your construction requirements. We have a range of standard stock sizes as listed below or can manufacture to your requirements:

1.100 X 1.100 X 0.200m
1.200 X 1.200 X 0.200m
1.100 X 1.100 X 0.220m
            1.200 X 1.200 X 0.220m
1.100 X 1.100 X 0.300m
1.200 X 1.200 X 0.300m

We also offer the Wilton Joubert range of spacers.



Good quality insulation can significantly reduce heat loss in your home or building.
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Foam insulated panels laminated with pre-coated steel panel.
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Void Foam for all your construction requirements.

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